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Research Resources


ProQuest Database


ProQuest is a wonderful resource for research of all kinds. It contains college-level resources, as well as general resources. Also included is SIRS Researcher, which is great for pro/con information and argumentative work.

**NOTE: When you click the link to go to ProQuest, you will be directed to a log in page. Click LOG IN WITH CLEVER (blue button on the left side), and then use your school Google account to log in.

JSTOR database


This is an amazing database!  This is great for academic research, with access to journals and college-level resources.

We also have JSTOR Global Plants,  African Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes, and Struggles for Freedom in Southern Africa.

EBSCO database

EBSCO Essentials Database

Use this database for all general research. This is a great resource for peer reviewed articles and resources!

worldbook encyclopedia

WorldBook Online Encyclopedia

This is a great source to get basic information about many topics.

And here are a few extra resources you can use for further research:

Encyclopedia Britannica: Another encyclopedia to look in for basic overview information.

Advanced Google Search:  This will allow you to filter the types of sources you get, so you can get better results from your search.

Google Scholar:  This search will give you more scholarly results, meaning you will find more academic resources and resources from universities, which will be more reliable than a general search.

Library of Congress Research and Reference:  This gives you access to the nation’s largest library, as well as additional databases and amazing historical resources.

Library of Congress Digital Collections:  This site has collections of various historical documents, such as music, baseball cards, and Abraham Lincoln’s papers.

Here are some good videos about doing research from JSTOR.  Good information here to help you refine searches and more!

Don’t forget about our TVHS Library Catalog!

And once you have done your research, you need to cite your sources!

Whenever you borrow an idea, thought, image, word, song, or anything else not yours from a source you are using for research, you must give credit to the source from which you borrowed the information.

You can use the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) to learn more about citing sources.

You can use Google Docs to create citations for you! In your Doc, access TOOLS in the top bar, and click on CITATIONS. Here are detailed directions about how to do this.

You can use knightcite to create your citations.  Don’t worry – it will lead you through exactly what you need for the citation!  You can also use easybib, if you prefer.  Or bibme.