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Literary Scholar Program

graduation cap

Be a Literary Scholar! Earn a graduation cord for reading.

In order to earn your cord, you will need to read a certain number of pages, and then log those pages to be considered for earning the cord. You will log pages in ReadSquared, which will be operational in August 2024. Until that time, please keep track of your pages so you can add them to your profile when it is ready.

To earn a Literary Scholar graduation cord, you will need to read:

Seniors, Class of 2025: 2,500 total pages

Juniors, Class of 2026: 5,000 total pages

Sophomores, Class of 2027: 7,500 total pages

Freshmen, Class of 2028 (and all classes coming after): 10,000 total pages

Please note that the total pages you need to read is not per year, but a total for all years until you graduate.